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Sunday Yarn

Revealing The Potatoes

Morning Work in the Rickyard

Still in the Shadow

No Riddling Today

Caught My Eye

Gleaners in the Rickyard

Golden Hour

Shut That Door!

Golden Barn

Will Puncher, Late Summer

A Winter Idyll

Unloading The Bales

Are You Ready Yet?

A Moment’s Rest

Bagging Up

Height Of The Summer

One Too Many


Tim and his Ferret, Fluffy

Lapping Tide, Mousehole

Still Life


The Old Garden

In the Gorse

Unloading the Catch

Flood with his Horses


Sheep Study

Late For Lunch

Billy Hawkins at Work

Above Port Isaac

The Sailor

Quacking Sunset!

Moonlight Above St Clement’s Isle

Golden Morning Port Isaac

Shepherd’s Warning

Bill on the Foreshore

Purple Shadows and Turquoise Light

From Lower Shilling Stones, Port Isaac

The Old Fishing Boat

Church on the Hill

Who Woke Us Up?

Bleating Cold!

The Little Church, Rock

Into The Harbour, Mousehole

Are You Cold?

Morning Ride at the Mount

Golden Halo

Golden Canopies